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I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer

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Walt Weiskopf Intervalic Improvisation - The Modern Sound: A Step Beyond Linear Improvisation PDF screenshot
PDF | 7.84 MB
Recording artist and master improviser, Walt Weiskopf, presents the simple technique of using only two triads to create long, exciting phrases for all improvisers. You will find yourself suddenly sounding much more hip and 'modern' with this technique, and yet it is fairly easy to understand. Walt explains the technique, and then gives you plenty of material to work on to get this method 'under your fingers.' This is definitely a recommended book for intermediate or advanced players who are looking for something to help take them to the next level. Use intervallic techniques to expand and enhance your musical performance in whole new directions.

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  Resident 23.07.2014 2 63
Thanks very much! :-)
  Member 17.03.2018 2
Excellent book i bought it years ago .
For those interested in this sound go and listen to these great examples on you tube :
Ear candy
  Member 28.01.2018 44
Walt is a great soloist so this should be a great resource!! His solo playing on Steely Dan's 'Everything Must Go' title track is wonderful & inspiring.

Sample of Walk Weiskopf
  Resident 21.04.2014 1344
It is good to remember that all this, is just a guide to practice lines of imptovisation on another way to see the harmony melodic figurations, being that in the concise and true analysis, we will be thinking of a chord with 9th and another one one step above it with 9th.
It is a practical way to see what you can do, because all this are just a coincidence between the chords, but establish so few arguments to say that it is a new system, that is exaggeration. I think it's very interesting the popular way of observing how things go on, in jazz we do several exercises using diatonic arpeggios, but when we use chromatism, we must study melody figuration, which is also a good approach that will result the same way of this book.
You as an arranger and or comporser, could try your own way of thinking to achieve a new composition, three triads, or two triads separated by cromaticism, remember that "quartal and quintal harmony" happend in this same way of experimentalism, maybe you get something brand new of your own.
  Member 28.01.2018 44
I agree. It's NOT a "new system" but simply another way of looking at the relationship between harmony and melody specifically, and ALSO rhythm in a more indirect manner. The latter happens because this method GENTLY forces the practitioner to start looking at the two triad-generated bits of musical phrases in terms of either being a triplet or a quadruple and this helps develop more control with ending phrases with metric precision. The typical method of learning which scales work over which chords, causes one to play in a certain way and while nothing is wrong with that "certain" way, the BEST improvisers often employ MULTIPLE ways to interpret the music intellectually.

I'm a HUGE lover of McCoy Tyner's theoretical innovations and your statements regarding experimentation CAN'T be endorsed enough! Among other things, I'm a music instructor and I stress this to my students more than anything except maybe my mantras about enjoying the "journey" and about us only being able to "get out what we put in". Anyways thanks for your statements and I truly hope that you're an instructor TOO. The general state of music NEEDS you! HaHa!! When my musician friends start complaining about the dire state of popular music in America today, my first question to them is always, "Do you teach music? Cause if not, please try to remember that ACTION, in THIS case instructing people, is a better way of changing things than complaining about them is.". Thanks again!

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